Back To The Future



Signed Performance
Sunday 10 September 2023

Relaxed Performances

Please be aware that while this is a relaxed performance and we have made significant adjustments to sound and lighting, there will still be parts of the show that generate 1.21 gigawatts of spectacle. Some of it will be loud and bright, and might still be challenging.

This is because we don’t want to dilute the show and take away from your experience. Whilst we want to make the show as accessible as possible for you, we also think it’s important to give you the full, electrifying Back to The Future experience. The show is big, loud and exciting – sometimes at 88 miles per hour! – and we want you to be able to enjoy that as fully as possible, while still feeling comfortable and safe. 

View and download the Visual Story here


View and download the Sensory Synopsis here


There is a range of other support in place, including:

  • Booking support to help you book the right seats for your group’s needs
  • Resources available to help you prepare 
  • Adjustments to sound and light 
  • House lights will be kept on (but low) during the performance
  • Building adjustments and chill out zones around the theatre
  • Trained and friendly staff, cast and theatre teams
  • Relaxed theatre rules
  • An invitation to come and be as you need to be, and enjoy the show

Remember, if you’re overwhelmed at any time, you can do whatever helps you. You can go out of the auditorium temporarily and come back in when you are ready; you can wear noise-cancelling headphones; you can move to a different part of the room; you can play with a fidget toy or gadget. Whatever helps you is OK and Hill Valley will welcome you!

If you feel like you need more space around your booking or you would like to talk to someone to discuss your booking needs, please call 020 3925 2998 or email